all classical architectural tasks and duties requested. We fulfill all service phases, from the first draft of ideas and concepts up until the handover of the turnkey ready project. It is our experience gained over ten years in this business, that allows us to guarantee a smooth realization of first-class designs in consideration of precise time and cost management. Working with a wide, established network of local planners and lawyers  we are successfully defusing the increasing complexity of approval processes on the Balearic islands in order to utilize all possibilities regarding legalization to the very limit.

We regularly supplement the island’s little specialist capacities with firms from the mainland and Germany whenever required.





new buildings: contemporary villas, apartment buildings, hotels and homes


restoration: expansions, modifications, conversions, renovations, restructuring, modernization


interior design: villas and homes, shops, medical facilities, bars and clubs





high class designs, extraordinary quality and precision, thoughtful choice and composition of materials, interaction of local and traditional building techniques with contemporary technologies, sustainability and energy efficiency to the highest standard.





The choice of name „DieckmannHartmann - Architektur und Speziallösungen“ implies our devotion to the creation of „custom solutions“ and our enthusiasm for „unusual“ aspects of architecture. Unique approaches customized to unique parameters, off the grid and pioneer solutions finishing in successful completion is what motivates each and every one of our projects. Everything can be done. We are looking forward to hearing about your visions and creating them with you.