headquarter armedangels - cologne - 2013

We were approached by the young startup fashion label „armedangels“ amid their search for new and extended office spaces and were asked to develop a utilization concept for a 500 square meter factory building accommodating rather distinct requirements. Roughly twenty office workplaces were created, all able to provide a soundproof environment as well functioning as adaptable space for dynamic teamwork of various group sizes.  The core of the company, the graphic design department, is accentuated as a „creative pool“ centerpiece framed by an implied catwalk, where working amidst the label’s designs forms a symbiosis of process and results.  The company’s determined philosophy regarding sustainability as well as ecological and social responsibility was strictly applied to the choice of materials.  Solely regional and recyclable components were used in this projects interior, including antique details and furnishing, which playfully emphasizes the unique synergy between old and new.